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What is Ca'rerra?

Ca'rerra - an organic-mineral agent improving soil properties. For a long time, we have been looking for solutions to limit chemical interference in agriculture by using post-production residues. We have managed to produce such a measure for the safety of soils and crops, and especially for our health.

Ca'rerra is a modern means of raising and stabilizing the pH of the soil.The three forms of calcium (oxide, hydroxide and carbonate) allow for the rapid release of Ca⁺⁺ and CO₃ ions. Therefore, the effect of applying Ca'rerra is that it raises the pH of the soil much faster than in calcium fertilizers and also extends the effect over a longer period of time.Organic Ca'rerra compounds, derived from processed fruit and vegetable waste, stimulate the growth of the root system and the activity of soil microorganisms.Thanks to this, they activate the maximum yield potential of arable crops, which guarantees an economic effect on production.

Carerra is an organic mineral agent that reduces the damage caused by deer (wild boar, roe deer). The recommended dose is 1t / ha in soil and surface application. The experiments were carried out in three experimental fields, the results were documented in the material "Effect of organic Carerra fertilizer on the extent of damage to agricultural crops by wild boars based on field trials" (material available for inspection at the manufacturer Carrera).

The product is dedicated to farmers and gardeners who want quality and efficiency of crops while maintaining full safety of the crop. Our product has already passed positive tests on both large and small farms and house gardens. In the future, we plan to promote a chain aimed at collecting plant waste, and through using an organo-mineral agent, reprocessing it into Ca'rerra, then, returning it to its original location as an original, healthy and effective soil conditioner. We are currently working with large plantations in which our innovative ideas have been applied.

Our product is available in 6.5 kg buckets or big bags - 600 kg and 1000 kg.

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How Ca'rerra works in pratcise?

Ca'rerra - contains lime, which deacidifies the soil, therefore it effectively removes moss. Liming alters the soil ph to a higher number, which helps in the difficult fight against moss. The nutrients of natural origin, create growth and compaction of the grass. Our product is dedicated to lovers of beautiful lawns. Deacidification treatments should be performed twice a year: in early spring (late February-March) and in autumn, when the grass has stopped growing.

Before use:
After use:
Composition Ca'rerra
Composition According to the decision MRiRW no. G-919/20 According to test report no. NO/40/1-1/2019
Content CaO at least 10% (m/m) 22,71 (m/m)
Organic matter content at least 30 (% s.m.) 35,59 (% s.m.)
Nitrogen content (N) at least 0,2% (m/m) 0,26 (m.m.)
pH in H2O (N) 12,6
Dry matter content (w 105oC) 65,8% (m/m)
Phosphorus (P2O5)[%] < 0,23

Apllying tables

In the cultivation of fruit plants
Fruit type Measure dose* Application date
Apple tree, pear tree 1,2-1,8 t/ha before planting plants, preferably under the forecrop or in early spring, immediately after planting trees / shrubs**
Cherry, sweet cherry 1,0-1,5 t/ha
Plum, green leaves, peach, apricot 1,2-1,8 t/ha
Currants, raspberry, gooseberry, blackberry 0,8-1,2 t/ha
Chokeberry 0,5-0,8 t/ha
Strawberries, wild strawberries *** 0,6-1,0 t/ha
In the cultivation of garden plants
Vegetable type Measure dose* Application date
White and red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts 0,6-1,2 t/ha Before sowing, immediately after harvesting the previous crop
Carrots, beetroot, beetroot, parsley, celery, parsnips, and turnips 1,0-1,5 t/ha
Green beans, peas, beans, and peas 1,0-1,5 t/ha
Tomato 0,8-1,2 t/ha
Pepper 0,6-1,0 t/ha
Cucumber 0,6-1,0 t/ha
Onion, leeks 0,6-1,0 t/ha

* The dose should be consulted with the representative of the producer or distributor in order to optimize it for local soil conditions and crop rotation.

** If the product is used in an existing orchard / plantation (in the first year after planting), it should be spread in strips along rows of plants up to 1m wide.

*** Use only before establishing plantations

In the cultivation of agriculture
Application / Crop Dose (t/ha)* Application date
Winter cereals 0,6-1,2 t/ha top dressing possible in early cultivation stages before sowing or planting
Winter oilseed rape 1,0-1,5 t/ha
Maize 1,0-1,5 t/ha
Sugar beet 1,0-1,5 t/ha
Potatoes 0,6-1,0 t/ha
Bean family 0,3-1,5 t/ha
In the cultivation of ornamental plants
Vegetable type Measure dose** Application date
Ornamental plants grown in the ground and in grasslands under cover 0,6-1,0 t/ha before planting or in the fall of the year before actual cultivation
Ornamental bulbous plants 0,5-0,8 t/ha before planting
Ornamental trees and shrubs 0,8-1,2 t/ha before planting plants, on plantations existing in autumn or early spring - mixing with the top layer of soil is recommended

* The dose should be adjusted to the pH of the soil or crop species, in consultation with the producer's representative.

** The dose should be consulted with the representative of the producer or distributor in order to optimize it for local soil conditions and crop rotation.

Opinions of our clients

Find out why Ca'rerra is the best product available on the market
I would like to express my satisfaction with the high quality product Ca’rerra, which I used as a soil conditioner before sowing my crops this spring. I was positively surprised by the quality of the crops taking into account the reduction in the use of chemical applications. This ensures a healthier feed for my pigs, which is related to the health of all consumers of food produced by my farm.
Pig fattening unit in Janów
Mirosława and Ryszard Szopa
We have started cooperation with the TATULO company, which produces a natural Ca'rerra enrichment agent that improves soil properties and does not have synthetic chemicals. Organic substances (our green waste) are collected from us by the Ca'rerra producer and used to produce an organic-mineral agent. It improves soil properties by adding carbonates and calcium oxides, making the vegetables grown by us on substrates fertilized with Ca'rerra much healthier and tastier. Thanks to this, our products can be recommended as the optimal choice for leading hotels, restaurants and most popular petrol stations in Poland.
Andrzej Drzymalski
Ca rerra has fulfilled all the requirements that the soil on our farm was lacking. It is an easily soluble product, readily absorbed by the soil to effect change to the soil and plants. The measure applied this spring positively surprised me with its action, increasing the quantity and quality of the crop, without the use of a chemical agent.
Anna Bogusz